Material Handling Lifts & Tilts

Custom Lift & Tilt Design & Manufacturing

Lift and position loads with a Track Systems Lift/Tilt. These products combine mobility with ergonomic design for ideal movement and positioning of parts, supplies and products. With a design that focuses on providing a more comfortable, natural, and healthy range of motion, our Lifts/Tilts are often used to ergonomically position loads for assembly and packaging.

Lifts and Tilts can be positioned to change elevations and angles, allowing the Lift/Tilt to interface with machinery, processing stations, and more. Our Lifts/Tilts can be custom fabricated and engineered to meet your specific logistical infrastructure and industry needs.

The streamlined design of our Lifts/Tilts work in several industrial environments, including automotive, specialty chemical, food and beverage, government, general manufacturing, fulfillment, and warehousing. Our pneumatic and hydraulic Lifts/Tilts will effortlessly and smoothly assist in moving large, heavy loads.

Industrial-strength Lifts and Tilts help eliminate the need for workers to reach, stretch, or bend, reducing worker strain, injuries, fatigue, and damaged parts and products. Designed with mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic controls, Track Systems’ Lifts and Tilts offer custom height and tilt angles, depending on your custom application needs.

  • Welded or bolted construction
  • Load specific designs
  • Electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic alternatives
  • Comprehensive standard product line
  • Manual, tugger, or guided vehicle interface
  • Full line of accessories

What Are Lifts & Tilts?

Lifts and Tilts are used in material handling applications to safely and easily adjust the positioning of materials. Used to raise, lower, and angle goods for easier access, loading, unloading, and packaging, these solutions are an essential part of maximizing the efficiency of your workflow.







Lifts & Tilts Advantages

Lifts & Tilts have many advantages over working with stationary goods at floor level:


Lifts and tilts are an ergonomic solution and can help prevent common workplace injuries related to lifting heavy goods. Additionally, they can present unfinished or work-in-progress goods in a manner that is more comfortable to work in. Aside from injuries caused by manually lifting, loading, or unloading goods, utilizing lifts and tilts can reduce discomfort for employees who would otherwise have to work in an uncomfortable or strenuous position for long periods of time.


Creating a safer and more comfortable work environment provides the obvious benefit of reducing time lost, but can also increase efficiency in operations. By quickly and safely moving product into a better position work can be done with less movement and strain, decreasing time spent and increasing output.

Reduced Cost

The increased safety and output of utilizing lifts and tilts means greater profitability in your operations.

We know that the one size fits all approach doesn’t work for everyone. Track Systems specializes in creating products that help you maximize your efficiency. Contact us today for help finding the best solution to meet your material handling needs.

Lifts & Tilts Applications

Tilts and lifts have many applications in material handling:

Product Positioning for Work-In-Progress Assembly

Position your product to maximize access, increase workload efficiency, and decrease the stress and strain of working in awkward positions

Ergonomic Loading & Unloading

Increase the total volume of your storage while utilizing lifts and tilts to help operators access goods efficiently. Elevating and tilting goods can increase your teams output while reducing repetitive strain and loss time from unnecessary fatigue.

Mobile Lifting & Tilting

Lifts and tilts don’t have to be stationary. Track Systems can assess your needs and help design a custom solution that allows you to move your goods on an efficient cart system. Our lifting and tilting cart solutions allow you to deliver goods without having to unload carts into a lifting and tilting hopper or table. Save even more time and operate even more efficiently with our lifting and tilting cart systems.


Types Of Lifts & Tilts

Pneumatic Tilt Lift

Lifts and Tilts come in a variety of types including:

Pneumatic Lifts

Air-driven lifting and tilting systems are designed to leverage air pressure to achieve correct positioning. An operator can use a button or foot pedal to position the goods. Air is pumped into a chamber or bladder to create the appropriate amount of pressure to lift the product to the desired position.

Hydraulic Lifts

Hydraulic lifts operate much the same way as an air-driven industrial lift would but relies on the use of fluid to create pressure. As the fluid fills the chamber the lift will raise the goods to the desired level.

Floor Mounted Lifts

Lifts are often mounted in a fixed position that is appropriate for the space where work is being completed.

Lifting & Tilting Carts

In addition to being mounted to the floor in a fixed position, lifts can be built onto a cart, creating a mobile lift that can either travel with the material, or moved into the appropriate area when goods are ready to be lifted. This versatility paired with the mobility of durable casters and a strong frame creates the perfect solution when your operations call for more flexibility than would be allowed for with fixed position lifts.


Custom Lift & Tilt Solutions

Our technical team is always available to assist in recommending possible solutions. We offer unique material handling solutions, and our services include consulting, design, engineering, installation, systems integration, technical support, and more. We offer a wide variety of sizes, capacities, and configurations. We are happy to provide customized equipment for your specific material handling needs.

We know that the one size fits all approach doesn’t work for everyone. Track Systems specializes in creating products that help you maximize your efficiency. Contact us today for help finding the best solution to meet your material handling needs.