AGV, AGC and Robotic Smart Carts and Trolleys

In today’s warehouses, factories and manufacturing plants, automated guided vehicle (AGV), or automated guided cart (AGC) trains are key to running an efficient operation. Their movement is directed by a combination of software and sensor-based technology. Preprogrammed acceleration and deceleration to maximize efficiency as well as safety of transport of all materials. Also known as robot (robotic) or smart carts, these autonomous guided vehicles tow carts, trolleys, trains or wagons to deliver parts, move pallets, pick products or otherwise move material through an assembly line, fulfillment center, kitting operation, or picking scenario.


     Mother Daughter CartQuad-Steer Cart Bulkhead


Self Propelled Material Handling Carts

Increase productivity and safety with our self propelled material handling carts. Safer and easier than pushing and pulling manually propelled carts our self propelled carts reduce effort and strain which can lead to a safer and more productive work environment for your employees.

Custom and Stock Tow Carts and Trolleys

At Track Systems we manufacture towable carts and trolleys configured to meet your unique material handling needs. From heavy weight items to large or oddly shaped parts and WIP, we can help you get the most out of your AGV or AGC investment. Our quad steer technology allows us to navigate through tighter spaces. 

Cart Configuration Options

Our towable carts can be configured to meet your requirements. 

  • Operations: Tilting, lifting, rotating. 
  • Configurations: Low profile, scissor lift, tilting table, tilting bucket, custom cradle, flat, tiered, etc.
  • Applications: Parts, product, equipment, pallet, bin and tote delivery, transfer, hauling, and conveyance.
  • Construction: Our carts and trolleys typically made of high quality steel, although stainless steel and other materials are available. Ridge and swivel casters and wheels are selected to match the intended environment. 
  • Working in a narrow aisle environment? Ask about our quad steer carts. 

Custom Carts

Yes, we do manufacture custom carts for any material handling need. We’ve been engineering and designing high quality sturdy materials handling equipment for over 40 years. Whatever the issue, Track Systems can help you solve it. From long rutted distances within the plant to 15,000 lbs loads to hard to navigate internal paths, we can offer multiple solutions. 

Ask us about our custom cart and trolley design and product development capabilities.  

Standard Off-The-Shelf Carts

Throughout the years we’ve manufactured thousands of carts in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We’ve come to realize that every customer has a specific need and that translates to their cart. Standard carts are normally quoted in one foot increments but any dimension can be achieved on request for quotation. We carry all of the top cart and trolley lines. Give is a call and we’ll help you identify a cost effective solution for your application.