Industrial Carts and Trolleys

Our custom and standard heavy duty industrial carts and trolleys provide mobility combined with ergonomic design for ideal movement, positioning, delivery or transfer of parts and product.
Welded or bolted steel cart construction
Load specific, heavy duty designs
Electric, hydraulic and pneumatic alternatives
Comprehensive standard product line
Manual, tugger or guided vehicle interface (AGV, AGC)
Full line of accessories for specific plant or warehouse use

60 degree Tilt  45 Degree Tilt Cart

Tugger Carts

Moving products through a factory, warehouse or distribution center often comes down to the basics: tuggers, material handling carts, trolleys and casters.
Tugger cart systems work almost identically to a real train, but on a small, focused scale just right for your operation. The train itself has a powered tugger operated by a person (like a locomotive) that tows a connected train of several non-powered carts and trolleys.

AGV, AGC Carts

Our carts can also be towed by AGVs or AGCs (Automatic Guided Vehicles/Carts). AGVs or AGCs are self-guided vehicles with on-board controls and either on-board or inductive power supply. They can be used for production processes or delivery, with specialty engineered part-holding details, pallet rollers, or scissor lifts mounted on top.

Cart and Trolley Casters

Available in both rigid and swivel, our casters each possess our dual bolt pattern allowing for perfect alignment. All bearings are sealed precision for smooth and reliable long term operation. Our casters are:

  • ideal for minimizing push/pull resistance
  • capable of high speed towing
  • capable of handling high dynamic loads
  • highly resistant to wear and tear
  • resistant to oils, greases and solvents
  • hydrolysis and microbe-resistant
  • able to retain flexibility in cold temperatures

Off the shelf items aren’t always the perfect fit for every environment or task. They aren’t always the most cost effective solution for material transport. Track Systems ensures the right product for the job and they will help you maximize moving and accessing goods throughout a manufacturing plant. Here are just some of the specialty items we offer:

  • 4 Wheel Carts
  • 6 Wheel Carts
  • Handling trolleys
  • Heavy duty industrial carts
  • Hydraulic lift carts and foot pump lifts
  • Magnetic tape guided carts
  • Pallet jack lifts, tilts and carts
  • Picking carts
  • Quad steer carts
  • Rotating Carts
  • Scissor lift tables and carts